Divorce Law Can Be Difficult. Let Us Guide You Through The Process.

Get a local lawyer in Dundas, MN on your side during divorce negotiations

Divorce negotiations are often stressful. If you want to ensure things go as smoothly as possible, it's important to hire the right attorney. Irwin Law Office PLC is a highly experienced divorce law firm in Dundas, MN with a wealth of knowledge and a dedication to building strong client relationships.

We seek to protect the custody rights of parents and ensure an equitable division of assets. While we prefer mediation, we are able to go to court if needed. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What can you expect from us?

What can you expect when you hire a divorce law attorney? We will:

  • Evaluate assets
  • Assist in mediation
  • Provide step-by-step legal guidance

You don't have to enter into divorce negotiations alone. Make sure you have someone to look out for your rights by partnering with us today.